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Wooden Library Ladders

We offer an extensive selection of wooden library ladders and hand rails, in whatever wood you prefer, including cherry, maple, red oak, and more. Buy in-stock, unfinished library ladders, or get one of our custom library ladders made to order. If you’re looking for a made-in-America rolling library ladder for sale at unbeatable prices, Rolling Ladders and Doors will make sure you have the top-quality product you need.

Our library rolling ladders and wood hand rails are made from the finest woods available, including alder, cherry, maple, red oak, African mahogany, white birch, hickory, white oak - quarter sawn and walnut.

Our In-Stock Ladders come in Cherry, Maple, or Red Oak. Or let us build you a custom ladder in a choice of ten woods, from Alder to Walnut. Ladders are unassembled and unfinished. You add the stain to create a beautiful compliment to your shelving or cabinets. All ladder are pre-drilled for steps and rung supports. Ladder come with steps and top dowel rod and assembly hardware. Rung supports are purchased separately, but seven rung supports are included when you purchase a Hardware Kit.

1. Determine Your Ladder Height: Measure from the floor up to where you will place the center of the rail. Then add 5 in. to that measurement; this will give you the height of your ladder; e.g. if the center of your rail is at 91 in., then your ladder will be 96 in.

If you are ordering a 9 ft. or 10 ft. ladder, you will need to order one (1) additional rung support for a 9 ft. ladder, and two (2) additional rung supports for a 10 ft. ladder.

2. Choose your Wood Species and Height:
Ladders are available 16 in. wide or 20 in. wide. WIDE ladders are available with or without built-in hand rails up to 10 ft.

  • In-Stock Ladders: 8 ft. 9 ft. or 10 ft. in all wood species. Cherry and Maple are available up to 14 ft. Red Oak is available up to 13 ft.
  • Custom Ladders: Up to 8 ft., 9 ft. or 10 ft in all wood species. Cherry and Maple are available up to 14 ft. Red Oak is available up to 13 ft. Custom ladders take 3 weeks prior to shipping, but orders can be expedited for a $75 fee.
3. Add Hand Rails (optional): Wooden Handrails are available in Red Oak, Maple and Cherry. Our Steam-Bent 4 ft.Long Hand Rails add the finishing touch to your Library Ladder, and provide safety when climbing your ladder. Available for In Stock and Custom Built Ladders.

4. Add non-skid Step Treads (optional): These clear non-skid treads adhere to ladder steps.

5. Order a Top Rung only if you are constructing your own ladder.